Chromebooks for High School Students

With Chromebooks opening up a world of opportunity through educational variety, student engagement and completion levels have risen with them. Our teachers still utilize physical classroom resources, of course, but adding 1:1 Chromebooks for high school students to the mix has established an educational challenge not possible in prior decades. Your teen now has much of their classroom material and assignments in a convenient online hub, carried by a tote bag, which helps foster responsibility as well. Continue reading to discover how high school Chromebooks are facilitating positive learning outcomes.

Easier Blended Learning

Blended learning is not necessarily a new concept anymore but achieving it in a way that drives tangible results for students is a different matter entirely. Skyline Prep High School staff collaborate with each other to develop rigorous curricula and identify tools that help students make the most of their time here. Using a ratio of 1:1 Chromebooks for high school students gives each student the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in not only the topic at hand but the particular resources they need to excel.

Chromebooks and their Internet-based programs make fast turnaround times possible on quizzes, tests, and assignments, so students can iterate quicker and receive more specific steps for moving forward. Our teachers supplement this approach by working on exercises, breaking topics down, and other activities with students that aren’t possible without technological leverage.

Learning at Custom Pace

Like the above examples, individual student success has never been easier or more widespread than with the customizability Chromebooks provide. Regardless of other classroom factors, high school students should have the opportunity to progress in a subject at a pace that works for them.

When using Chromebooks for high school students to full capacity, students needing more time or a different angle for the topic can move at a pace that suits them. Conversely, students who are ready to move faster through the material aren’t held back by the average pace of the class. This gives students a sense of control while simultaneously reducing anxiety, both of which lead to greater confidence and appreciation for learning.

Improved Parental Engagement

When high school students achieving a substantial portion of their learning through Chromebooks, it’s a fresh opportunity for you as a parent to be engaged with them.

Chromebooks make it easier to work on assignments, submit tests, and receive feedback all in the same environment. It also makes grade collection and reporting easier than ever, which means you’ll receive notice of your teen’s performance.

This allows you to dialogue more regularly with your daughter or son about their successes and challenges, giving you the freedom to be an engaged parent. You can also reach out to your child’s teachers with specific questions or areas of your student’s curriculum that have made a personal difference in any way.

Interested in learning more about how high school Chromebooks are an integral part of our robust learning model? Reach out to individual teachers here and check out our online learning portal here.

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