NAU Overnight Trip

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Seniors at Skyline Prep had the special opportunity to attend this years’ NAU overnight trip to learn more about the campus and get a feel for college life.

When we got there on Friday, I had my buddy P.J. Connelly give them an in depth tour of NAU, he also gave the boys call sheets of some pretty famous movies he was involved with (John Carter, Forest Gump, Kingdom and The Lone Ranger).

P.J. also gave Sebastian some old school film to check out.  

As we toured, we got to see the brand new Intramural Building for the students.  We are also in front of the oldest building on the Campus (back to 1890).

I decided to take a picture of Sebastian, who was taking photos himself. Sebastian and PJ will definitely catch up as Sebastian is for sure going to NAU, and PJ wants to show him the ropes and hire him on certain projects, as Sebastian really wants to get into Film as well.  Alex is still undecided, but really wants to get away and experience the four seasons, so we will see.  

Here are some more NAU pics I took, our 2 tour guides were great and from down here in the Valley.  Rosa (Ms. Pulido’s daughter) also came on the tour and was very helpful with talking with the two boys about NAU.  Rosa next year is already hired by the Native American Center for next year to mentor the incoming Native American students at NAU.

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