Lead as a Teacher


Highly effective teachers are the foundation by which students receive a strong education. Leadership at all levels is paramount to the success of our program and it begins with our teachers. We focus on empowerment, training and a strong team environment to ensure success.

We strive to provide resources, coaching and professional development to ensure teachers can successfully educate students. We strive to train our teachers to be effective in delivering high quality academic rigor and character development.

Leadership starts from within, but together as a team W.E.I.M.P.A.C.T our students, families and fellow team members. Success is achieved as a team!

Featured Teachers

He is a former Phoenix Suns Player Development Assistant Coach. Previously, he served as Director of Student Athlete Development at his Alma mater, Villanova University. He is entering his first year at Skyline Prep and South Valley Prep & Arts Academy assuming the position of head coach of the men’s varsity basketball program and behavior interventionist for students.

He teaches 9th-12th grade math. His favorite hobbies are watching movies and cooking. Most of his uncles and aunts are in the field of teaching, so it runs in the family. He learned and realized teaching was his profession when he knew that he had patience and understanding for his students despite of their disabilities.

This is her first year as a special education teacher for 7th-12th grade. She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She received her degree from Northwest Missouri State University, #OABAAB. She enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, watching movies and budgeting. She one day would like to start her own financial education, planning and credit recovery business.

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