Jamarei Bryant, Athletic Director: Gives back to the community.

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Our athletic director at Skyline Prep High School, Jamarei Bryant talks to AZ Central about his experience growing up in South Phoenix. He talks about his experience; “Because of the surroundings I grew up in, I knew what I didn’t want to be,” Bryant said. “I got a reality check. I would see dope fiends and crack heads. See what I didn’t want to be. My mom kept me on the right path and kept me focused. I wanted to play football.”

Once he graduated from College, he returned home and began working at Skyline Prep High School to give back to the community. The main message Jamarei wants to convey while working in the community. “Work hard and being respectful are the main things I teach kids here.”

To read in depth what Jamarei has to say about this season’s football team and things happening in the future. Click here to read the full article.

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