Expeditionary Learning for High School

Academic pursuits, including those for high school students, don’t need to be limited to the four walls and ceiling of a classroom. If you have heard the phrase “expeditionary learning” recently, it’s likely because of its growing popularity for schools across the country. Offering expeditionary learning for students at our high school is one of our proudest ongoing achievements. Read below to learn about distinct advantages our Phoenix, AZ, students receive through this model.

Giving Holistic Learning a New Meaning

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping textbooks and lab experiments part of the learning model, greater numbers of teachers are seeing that educational boundaries must be tested. Allowing students to learn in a context that maximizes their sensory and intuitive strengths should not be overlooked.

Expeditionary learning for high school allows teens to take advantage of book smarts they already have and apply them in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, many kids and teenagers simply don’t want to stay stuck in a building all day. Combined with the fact that ordinary, lecture-based education can bore many children to tears, it’s no wonder that learning outside the classroom is delivering results that traditional means cannot.

High Standards for Educational Integrity

One concern you may understandably have as a parent is whether or not expeditionary learning for high school is treated like a field trip. Contrary to many myths that may circulate, these excursions are not opportunities for teens to goof off and play around, but multidimensional, responsibility-driven experiences.

Instead of simply rounding a classroom up and taking them to a location for passive observation, we give students instruction before, during, and after as to what their educational obligations are. Skyline staff prepare all aspects of expeditions in advance and help keep students on track for the duration of the project. Whether it’s writing a paper about a historical place or event, studying biological samples at a nature preserve, or other kinds of outdoor assignments, students are expected to engage with the same or greater attentiveness than classroom study.

Making Holistic Growth Possible

When high school students are given the opportunity to leverage their academic strengths in a natural way, incredible results unfold. Learning outside the classroom not only engages them mentally and socially, but physically and emotionally. From climbing up stairs and hiking along hills to arranging detailed observations about the project in question, fresh learning approaches like these serve students to unprecedented levels.

Trying to learn when you’re bored or stressed does not lead to positive outcomes, and at Skyline Prep High School, we want your student to feel motivated every day. This type of learning model is one of the most powerful for creating self-motivated students who give it their all.

Curious about what some of our external learning adventures entail or have an idea of your own to share with staff? Contact us and share a few details, and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as we’re able. Thank you for supporting Skyline Prep High School!

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