Skyline Prep High School Academics

Helping high school students create their own success is a combination of skilled teaching staff, robust resources, vision-driven planning, and self-motivated students. This perfect amalgamation is not easy to pull off, but at Skyline Prep High School, we believe every student is capable of incredible results in an optimal environment. Below we’ve compiled three key strategies that make our quality high school academics programs in Phoenix, AZ, possible.

Truly Personalized Instruction

In a world where online courses and software have changed the educational landscape, our staff has pivoted to help your teen(s) make the most of their high school years. There are two immediate, major benefits of tech-integrated lesson plans for high school students.

One, it promotes ownership from students as they progress, because participating in a learning module is active as opposed to listening to a lecture, which is passive. Two, it frees teachers up to facilitate and offer examples instead of one-size-fits-all instruction to a full classroom. When combined, these factors generate a high school academics environment where every student comes out on top. No student feels left behind or overlooked, because each is able to engage how, where, and in the modality that best suits them.

Periodically Updated Content

Another incredible advantage of education in the Internet age is incorporating regularly updated content in curriculums. As new information is uncovered about a scientific study, historical events, and best practices in specific industries, our teachers take time to update course content, keeping our high school academics fresh. Part of successfully transitioning to college, vocational school, or career is accessing and using cutting-edge information, and we make this a priority in all our 9-12 classrooms.

Age-Appropriate Learning Challenges

One of the most important aspects of helping students accomplish their academic goals is giving them challenges respective to their stage in school. We fully support and make honors classes possible, while also recognizing that no student should be rushed or pressured outside their optimal learning zone. Our teachers conscientiously craft lesson plans that bring students along an intuitive education path. This approach to high school academics ensures students build on their knowledge from grade to grade and have a firm foundation off of which to become enthusiastic college learners and professionals.

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