Skyline Prep was ranked number two in CAA Division1A in 2018 for Football and State Champions in 2020 for basketball.

Skyline Prep High School is a 9-12, 501(c)3 non-profit, tuition free, open enrollment public charter. We have highly individualized instruction, small classes and focus on creating a family-like, community-centered environment. We are dedicated to ensuring students succeed to their highest potential no matter their current level. Skyline Prep focuses on Academics, Arts and Athletics to deliver a well rounded education to students.

Please contact us @ 877-225-2118 (Select Option 1 for South Phoenix Campus) to schedule an appointment or stop by for enrollment information!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each student and family we serve with high quality college preparatory educational programs which includes alternative and at risk students and services designed to stimulate life-long learning while developing character through academics, athletics and the arts.

To encourage academics, arts and athletics to all students.

Skyline Prep High School is founded on the premise that all students can be successful in college. Student mastery is achieved through scientifically-based and content rich curriculum that imparts core knowledge and essential learning skills. In order to achieve academic excellence, our program has a specific focus on character development through academics, athletics, and the arts. Combining the constant focus of character development and academic excellence leads our students to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of them in education and life.


This exceptional team of passionate and talented individuals is committed to leading an organization that values sense of purpose, results, respect, constant learning and humility, and diversity and inclusivity.


Parents have the right to view teachers’ resumes. Teacher resumes are located at the front office of the school campus.

We welcome communication from parents and encourage them to email our teachers for questions, concerns, or comments about your child’s success at our school.

Often, it’s difficult for teachers to accept phone calls during the day to speak to parents, so please use email communication, if possible.


In 2000 Ronda Owens and Sharon Paskiewicz founded the Skyline Schools, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with a vision that ALL children have an opportunity to receive a quality education and that the future of our society depends on our ability to educate youth. Their vision extended to ensuring ALL children receive a quality education and an equal chance to success regardless of their socio-economic conditions, special needs or history but to meet each child where they stand whether far ahead or behind and ensure they have a chance to grow in education and life.

Board of Directors

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